Why Horsemanship?

Why Horsemanship and why change the way you train, interact and ride your horse when you have been doing the same thing for years?
The answer could be in the results you are currently getting from the methods that you are using! Is your horse calm and confident, is your horse happy in his work?, is your horse happy to see you each day?.
Many people who will read this blog may not even realise that horsemanship and the understanding of how we can change the way we interact with our horses on a daily basis can have a huge impact on our safety, our enjoyment, our communication and our relationship which inadvertently builds greater trust and confidence in the horse.
Horsemanship as a study combines all aspects of the horse, the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. It is in combining all of these elements together and understanding how each of them plays a part that you can fully start to understand the essence of a horse, how they think, what they react to and how you are able to communicate more effectively with them.
Horsemanship helps to develop trust and rapport with your horse and it helps to develop knowledge and confidence in yourself, not only as a rider but as a horse owner.

My Journey

Personally, I have been committed to becoming a horseman for years. Studying the art of horsemanship with my mentors Shane and Meredith Ransley, and Mel Peacock to become a better owner and rider for my own horse has taken time and although this process has been challenging at times, the knowledge and understanding that I now have of horses has made me a better person.

My journey has taken me from horse owner and rider to Professional Coach and Horse Trainer an experience that I will be forever grateful for as now it has also put me in a better position to help others find a better way, enjoy their horses moreĀ  and work toward our combined quest of offering these beloved creatures a much better lifestyle in our human world.

Knowledge Is The Horseman’s Most Valuable Tool – Shane Ransley

Horsemanship Is Not For Everyone

There is one thing that I know for certain, the study of horsemanship is not for everyone, it does take a certain type of person to be committed to this study, it takes time, patience, consistency, commitment and lots of hard work. You need to be asking yourself questions like “How can I get this better or ” What do I need to do to help my horse better understand what I want from them”. Our horses are excellent teachers but we do need to be ready to start listening to what they have to say about who we are and how we are in our day to day interactions with them.
Studying the art of horsemanship will also take you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and one that not everyone is ready for, personal change can be challenging and old habits are hard to let go of, changing your mindset to something unfamiliar needs a certain amount of belief in that the outcome far outweighs the process.

So What Can Horsemanship Offer Your horse?

  • Confidence
  • Relaxation
  • Safety
  • Free Forward Movement
  • Comfort

By having the understanding of how a horse thinks, you will be able to help your horse grow in confidence and to be able to relax in all circumstances and surroundings.
By teaching your horse to be able to help to think through situations that arise rather than having to rely on instinctual responses that sometimes get them into trouble, your horse will limit the risk of injury to both himself and yourself as handler and rider.
By helping your horse discover free forward movement you will be able to help your horse physically to use their body in a way that will structurally support their movements, which in time will sustain them physically well into old age.

So What Can Horsemanship Offer You?

  • Knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Enjoyment

By increasing your knowledge you will be able to make better decisions in what you do with and around your horse that will reduce the risk of injury to both yourself and your horse.
By understanding how horses react to their instincts and why they do what they do, you will be able grow in confidence both on the ground and in the saddle.
By being able to release the element of control and replace it with conversations that both of you understand you will be able to communicate more effectively with your horse to get the results you are aiming for.
By being able to fully understand how all aspects of your horse play a part in how you interact with your horse, you will truly start to enjoy all of the time that you spend together as you start to appreciate all that they try to do for us.

Where To Now?

There are many choices today in the horsemanship world and much research is needed to find a coach and a programme that suits your needs, one that supports your journey, helps you to reach your goals and really start to enjoy the time that you spend with your horse, after all, isn’t that why we all got into horses in the first place?
If you would like more information on how to get started or where to look, please contact me directly at
As humans, we never stop learning, so why limit yourself with what everyone else is doing, look beyond the current status quo of the equine world and discover the world of true understanding and appreciation, your horse will forever thank you for it.


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