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Finding the Balance

Self-discovery is not the first thing that comes to mind when you commence the study of a horsemanship programme. I had in mind that I would learn about my horse, how to educate her and how to get her to do more of what I wanted!

I soon discovered that this was not so …….

Of course I did learn about all of the above but more importantly, I learnt more about who I needed to become, to be that horseman, to be that better owner / rider for my horse.
I was unaware of how much of the work had to do with me, how much I needed to grow and develop along the way.
No one mentioned how I needed to keep my emotions in check, no one mentioned that I would have to push through my fears of not being good enough, not knowing enough, and of the possibilities of being hurt in the process, so it was a shock to my system when I realised that this was not going to be possible if I did not make some personal changes.

Personal Change

In my experience and from hindsight, making personal changes is not easy, it takes time, it takes honesty and it is bloody hard work, sometimes we need to take a really good look at ourselves in the mirror.
I have been on the brink many times of just giving up during my horsemanship journey, thinking that it was just all too hard but every time, I heard the voice in my head, NO, you must keep going, you need to find a way…….
( thank you Tony Robbins, one of my amazing mentors, for indelibly imprinting that into my subconscious )
So my question was but how?
It has been said that our horse is our mirror and their behavior is a reflection of who we are and how we see life and how we interact with others, so really are horses also teach us.

They teach us to have compassion and empathy, they teach us to slow down and appreciate the small things, they teach us about respect and trust and they teach us that there needs to be a balance between work and play.

Finding The Balance

I think the secret to progression in our horsemanship is to find the balance, the balance between teaching our horses and our horses teaching us. Taking on board what they are trying to tell us in their own incredible way.
However, I have needed to seek extra help along the way to make these changes possible and here in my blogs, I would like to share the things that I used and the discoveries that I have made to make these changes possible.

As we progress, our horses definitely need us to make some changes….  So what can we do?
You are not alone on your journey, there are many ways and many support systems out there to help you on your way. Here are a few that I have had to have a look at for myself.

  • If I needed to become calmer then then I learnt how to meditate.
  • If I needed to be in the moment, then I learnt to refocus and appreciate the small things in our day to day life.
  • If I did not understand then I had to learn how to ask for help.
  • If I was always rushing then I had to learn how to manage my time better.
  • If I was fearful then I had to find other ways to stretch my comfort zone in other areas of my life.

and so the list goes on……

” Change Is Never A Matter Of Ability…… Always A Matter Of Motivation… Tony Robbins “

Through this blog, I am hoping that some of my personal discoveries that assisted me to make personal changes can also help you if you are at that point where you horse is asking more of you.

Every day I am thankful for what my horse has taught me, it has been a long road and I have been a slow learner at times but now there is light at the end of the tunnel and I clearly see that my horsemanship journey has enriched my life in ways I would never have encountered on my own.

Personal changes do not come easily but once made are greatly appreciated, as our world suddenly appears a much better place.




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    Kerensa Staines
    May 1, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    How absolutely wonderful Lorraine…thank you for sharing your insights ❤

  • Reply
    June 23, 2018 at 2:39 am

    I just love your words Lorraine. I look forward to reading more of these soul forefiling and grounding inspirations.

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